Last Lecture

Record personal revelation. As I read over the many journal entries I have made for each lesson of this course, I am humbled by the learning opportunities offered. I have been inspired by gospel leaders and business leaders alike. Had I not recorded the inspiration and impressions that came through my study, personal revelation would have become passing thoughts. If we are to grow as we venture on the path of life, we must record the journey.

Find your passions. So often in business courses we are counseled to follow our passion. This has left me with a feeling of uneasiness and even panic, I don’t know how to define or determine my passions. Could someone please give instruction regarding passions? Yes! Instruction found! Jeff Sandefer counseled his readers to find something that we have a natural gift for, something that we do merely for the sake of practice. What activity can we do for hours on end with no respect for time? Passion found.

Seek personal victories. One of the most important things we can do is learn to trust ourselves. We accomplish this by achieving personal victories, telling ourselves that we will do something hard and then make it happen. Of all the principles I have learned this semester, personal victory may be the most influential for me personally. I now understand that trusting myself is vital to accomplishing my goals.

Be faithfilled. Satan desires to keep us in a state of confusion and self-doubt. Personal growth plateaus when we stop listening to the Spirit, especially in regards to witnesses of our talents and abilities. We must be faithful in listening and accepting the whisperings of the Spirit. Personal success comes through believing in self, not doubting our own abilities, and following the path the Lord has in store for us.

Strive for balance. A balanced life is filled with peace and contentment. An out of balance life is filled with chaos, guilt, unpreparedness, and loss of priorities. Balance is a universal need and struggle. No matter a person’s position or level of affluence, balance is a daily battle. It requires self reflection and correction, accepting advice from others, and humility. Balance demands daily planning with the productivity pyramid in mind and guidance through personal prayer and study.

Choose your companions wisely. No greater influence can be had in our lives than the people we surround ourselves with. Good companions offer advice and counsel, encourage us, and keep us grounded. The most important companion of all is the Savior himself. In business and life, whether we know it or not, we need Him. We need His guidance and assurance, His ideas and clarity. We need to be humble enough to recognize that He is our strength and the giver of all that we have.

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