B 183 Week 13

This week we studied about gratitude and how to know you are in the right career. I enjoyed the Randy Haykin assignment the most. It gave opportunity for learning and personal reflection. In my report on the assignment I wrote:

“As I read about people like Randy, I realize that my potential is great but that I haven’t yet found anything that I am passionate enough about to take a risk and try to build a business out of. Maybe I am better being and indian and not the chief. Maybe I am not achieving enough balance in my life to feel the energy required to start something new. I love reading about other’s success and passions. I love learning what makes companies successful. I love feeling the motivation to find balance and passion in my life. Randy Haykin is very inspiring and is very much a person that I would like to have a conversation with!”

In other words, I’m just not feeling the start-up bug. I recognize that I am not able to identify much about myself and that I am out of balance in my life. Going forward, I will seek to know myself to better and to find out what brings peace and joy to me. Obviously, my family brings me so much peace and joy but I need to find personal, internal things that bring me peace, joy, and balance. At that point hopefully I would feel energy and passion about dedicating some of my time to something just for me.

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