B 183 Week 12

Are We Not All Beggars

“Whether we are rich or poor, we are to do what we can for the poor and needy.”

“We are always expected to help ourselves before we seek assistance.”

“Obey the law of the fast.”

This is a very powerful talk. Perhaps the most profound thoughts that Elder Holland shared were that he knows not why he was born into affluence and the gospel but with that comes a responsibility to pass on the Lord’s blessings to those who need it.

Microlending: Toward a Poverty-Free World

This is one one the most inspiring articles of the semester for me. This man was able to believe in a population that everyone else cast aside. He was able to recognize a great need and place it before money. If we think about that it would be unnecessarily difficult to do. When we truly believe that all that we have comes from the Lord, we approach our opportunities and responsibilities differently. When we understand that our money is not our own, it somehow becomes less difficult to give to others because we have greater faith that the Lord will provide for us continually.

I am never more inspired than when I learn about a person who’s career is about improving the lives of other people. This requires faith, compassion, and forward thinking. It requires a whole different kind of unselfishness and commitment…truly inspiring!


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