B 183 Week 11

I remember being shocked shortly after getting married to find that money rises to the top of the list the day after the wedding. And after 20 years of marriage I’m pretty sure it stays there just in different phases. It is so harmful to view money or the pursuit of money as a bad thing. Money can bless and change lives!

Money is not our own, it is a blessing from the Lord. It’s purpose begins with self reliance and ends with serving others. Money is part of our stewardship while living upon the earth. We will be accountable for how we managed it. As with anything else, money management is about self discipline and keeping our priorities in order.

I am blessed with a husband who has a great perspective on money and he helps me to view our finances in moderation. I could easily become obsessive about saving or watching our investments but he helps me remember that it is just money and we have to live our lives.

I loved President Monson’s talk and his formula for success. I also really enjoyed For The Love of Money. Studies fascinate me especially when they deal with money and behaviors. I don’t think anything in the article surprised me but a few things did stand out; that people are mostly happy in their current state, that a windfall doesn’t change a person’s happiness level, and that happiness is so affected by our careers and workplace environments.

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