B 183 Week 9

In my B 211 Business Fundementals course I had the opportunity to read “Good to Great”. I was pleasantly surprised by the findings of Jim Collin’s ten year study of successful businesses. It reaffirmed my personal belief that the good guy really does come out on top. Most surprising to me was the most successful companies stuck with doing one thing well and didn’t chase technology or the latest innovations.

I really enjoyed the commentary Collin’s shared from his interviews with CEO’s. I have always been fascinated by successful, disciplined people. I especially admire people who find their true passion and are driven by that rather than money, fame, or fortune. I tend to be a “dabbler” as discussed in the last lesson, so I never find passions outside of family and the gospel.

Elder Clark’s commencement address was powerful! I have never understood how closely gospel principles mirror successful business practices. I am blessed to work closely with two superiors who exemplify Elder Clark’s model of leadership. They do lead by example not just at work but also in their personal and family lives. Both have a clear vision, of online learning and hiring the instructors the Lord has prepared. And both lead with love. Each week I have a “one on one” meeting with my boss. We discuss my family and personal goals. We pray together and then discuss work items. I have never felt a stronger sense of loyalty to my superiors and the team vision. I am happy to have experienced Elder Clark’s model and have a personal testimony of it.

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