B 183 Week 8

Adversity. Trials. Loss. Difficulty. All are a natural part of life and entrepreneurship. This morning I googled “Taylor Richards” after watching his video in this lesson to find out more about him. A Deseret News article popped up about a young father with the same name. This man had overcome a serious addiction to alcohol and drugs and now works at the very treatment center that saved his life. The article detailed many of his trials and setbacks. He was arrested over 20 times and suffered multiple relapses before getting sober. The article tied in perfectly with Lesson 8.

I especially liked Jeff Sandefer’s essay “Three Kinds of Students”. He detailed how students who face significant opposition are stronger, more resilient, and more capable of doing something great with their life than students who do not face big trials. As I consider Taylor’s battle, I recognize that wrestling with and battling hard things creates character and a foundation that leads to success in other things.

Taylor was saved by serving other people, making a difference in their lives. We have read about many successful entrepreneurs who’s passion was to make life better for others. Perhaps focussing on other’s is a key factor in being able to do hard things.

The Salt Lake temple, as detailed by Elder Holland, serves as a powerful metaphor for endurance and patience in trial. Powerful people are not made overnight, trials are not overcome in a day. Often, our burdens require months and years to accept and hopefully overcome.

I found the materials this week to be a very different tone than prior weeks. Often the readings and videos inspire and excite. This week I felt a dose of reality and wisdom as I read and watched the materials. It is necessary to recognize going into entrepreneurship that it is not easy. My dad owned restaurants most of my life. He worked harder than anyone I know. He barely made ends meet. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart!

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