B 183 Week 7

I have been a fan of Steven Covey’s 7 Habits for many years though I have not fully implemented his principles. As I read through the summary, I was once again struck by the principle that a person must first achieve private victories. Much of that practice is about changing our paradigms, our views of the world around us. Effective paradigms should be principle based. Principles are guidelines for human behavior that have been proven over time to have enduring, permanent value. Herein lies the challenge…to develop/change our paradigms to be principle based.

At this time in my crazy busy life I feel like the 7 Habits are a bit too much to take on. I would like to implement all of them in my life when I have the time and energy to focus on the principles more. For now, I choose to focus on being proactive and to recognize my paradigms and their basis. I feel like that will be a good beginning. I choose being proactive because I feel it is so important to recognize that my success, happiness is up to me. To simply react in life is to set your self up for failure and difficulty. To act and exercise agency for the good is a much better approach to challenges, trials, and everyday living.

I had a difficult time reading the book “Mastery”. Lots of words and ideas made the book feel a bit overwhelming. I did like many of the principles and hope to remember many of them.

My favorite reading of the week was President Hinckley’s talk “Stand True and Faithful”. This talk could not have come at a more perfect time for me personally. One of my kids is struggling right now with making good decisions. I feel like this talk gives step by step directions to help teenagers (and all of us) stay on the correct path. I plan to share this with my family at our back to school devotional. President Hinckley’s words are frank, yet kind, and very needed. I plan to print a copy for myself to keep with my all time favorite talk collection.

I feel strongly that I can tie the principles that stood out to me this week together to begin have more private victories. By working harder to implement President Hinckley’s counsel I will celebrate more victories and have a more positive self image. This will bring feelings of passion and excitement for my goals and projects. I also feel that as I strive to have the Spirit with me I know myself better and can better recognize my potential.

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