B 183 Week 6

Some of this week’s readings were a bit difficult to stay focused on but each had some very interesting principles. I enjoyed “The Entrepreneur and the Family”. It was short and to the point but very inspiring and insightful. I have such respect for successful people who are disciplined enough to create and maintain family routines. This is something I struggle with. It is easy to get derailed and difficult to keep priorities in order. I am guilty of getting too deep into a project or report and staying at work longer than I should. I think this principle is not just about leaving at the right time, it’s about using every minute to be productive and managing time well.

I really enjoyed Jan Newman’s video. I actually worked at Novell while he was a VP there. He was a super star, someone that everyone looked up to especially my boss. Jan was such a hard worker and leader. He seemed to radiate integrity. After listening to his video I can see that he had some very strong guard rails in place and he kept the Lord close.

I also really loved the story about Elder Tanner’s grandson being a hundred per enter. What a great example! I would love to know more about this young man and how his life has turned out!

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