B183 Week 5

For this week’s post I decided to share my notes of my personal highlights from the readings and videos.

Elder Faust:

“I draw from his experience some of the things you can learn that would bring opportunities and blessings to you:

How to organize and use time wisely

The importance of hard work—that you reap what you sow

Leadership skills

People skills

The value of gospel study

Respect for authority

The importance of prayer

Humility and dependence on the Lord”

These were values to learn on a mission, I continue to try to master these things 20 years after my mission!

Are Successful Entrepreneurs Born or Made

“Character trumps skill,” the junk dealer said. “Perseverance is far more important than skill or talent. You have to have a mindset that never gives up, no matter how tough it gets. A little talent and a lot of hard work are the foundation for learning any skill, and are far more important in the long run.”

Stay the course day after day, year after year.

“Entrepreneurs become successful, one small investment at a time, in a never-ending process. Because entrepreneurial success isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. A journey taken one determined step at a time, in a way that builds lifelong treasures.”

How to Find Your Passion

Rather than thinking about one passion, free yourself up to be open to a portfolio of passions and then marry those passions with the opportunities in front of you.

Rather than focussing in an unpredictable future, focus on your values. What direction  aligns with my values? Choose among right answers as they marry up with how you really feel about them. When you make a choice ten doors may close but remember that ten doors just opened.

“My career makes no sense in the windshield but makes perfect sense in the rear view mirror.”

Most Entreprenuers are not Rockstars

Less than 1% of entreprenuers become rockstars.

The opportunity cost of a startup is significant.

The reason to be an entrepreneur should never be to make big money.

Be reflective about what it is you want out of life and then make decisions about your career. Find what will best help you get what you want out of life.

A Hero’s Journey

I came here because I believe that some of you will change the world.

I worried that I would lose my soul in becoming successful.

I believe you have a very special mission on this earth, a mission that will succeed beyond your wildest dreams but only if you have the faith and courage to follow that calling.

Most of you are worried about the wrong things.

The Power to Become

Paradox- The Hero’s Journey is all about you but it’s not about you at all.

To choose a hero’s is to live every moment of life like it matters, because it does. Live as if you had an important mission because you do. See struggles as adventures and setbacks as lessons. It isn’t about the prize in the end but the changing of the hero in the process.

Learn to learn, learn how to live a life of meaning. Learn to listen, learn to ask questions. Try not to be the smartest person in the room. Learn to live a life of meaning and change your life.

Find great role models and ask them questions. Ask about triumphs and regrets, and for advice.

1. Have I contributed something meaningful? – never give up your search for a calling, focus on becoming an expert at something, find a calling that fit your special gifts, ask 5 people you know well what you do better than anyone else in the world, press for details, you will discover your gift, use God given gifts to bring you great joy. Think of the last time that you lost track of time doing something, something that you are willing to practice just for the sake of practicing, something that could become a life long discipline that you can commit to master, satisfy a deep burning need in the world, a calling must serve others, a burning in your heart, what need today calls out to your heart, where is there injustice or opportunity that you just can’t resist, what problem were you put on this earth to solve, in answering these questions you will find your calling.

2. Was I a good person? Set clear guardrail so and stay within them. Make a list of your will nots, lines I will not cross. Anticipate moments of temptation to cross these I will not lines. Write a message for each of them to read at those moments of temptation. Pride can lead to terrible consequences when you cross those lines.

3. Who did I love, who loved me? Choose your fellow travelers well, you’ll only take the trip once. Moments with our children are precious and fleeting and can never be recaptured.

A hero’s journey is not about you, it is not easier than a fool’s errand, it’s all about you because using your gifts to change the world is all about you learning and growing,

The stepping stones you will set will be yours and they will lead you to a road of gratitude. Think of a mentor or person you have never thanked-write them a one page letter. People who believe they’ll be lucky actually turn out to be luckier.

We will realized that we are worried about the wrong things, being rich is about spending less than you make. Your greatest horror is not failure but waking up and realizing you are wasting your life.



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