Week 4 – B 183

How will you measure your life?

Quite a question I would say! In the readings this week we explored the gospel perspective on this as well as the thoughts of a few successful business people.

In reading chapters 7-9 of The Ministry of Business, I found my favorite chapter yet, The Personal Constitution. I think it speaks to me because I am a list maker and goal oriented. I loved the concepts shared in this chapter! I immediately began making a list of the values that I treasure and a description of the person I want to become. Each of the things that I listed brings a great sense of challenge and excitement, they also describe a few of my role models.

I also really like the concept of looking backwards in our professional and personal lives. Asking ourselves how we will want to feel about our lives when they are nearly over is  a profound exercise that takes courage. This life really is based in priorities and our ability to focus. It is a test in our sense of personal discipline. Whenever I have accomplished something really hard by setting goals, I have noticed other areas of my life improving as well.

I loved the story of the millionaire in Steven Hitz’s ward in California, the family he referred to as the “Beverley Hillbillies”. I can’t get over the idea that this man’s greatest accomplishment was to not value riches and praise of the world. The Savior gave us the perfect example of not valuing the things of the world. Few can be strong enough to be successful and use that success for the good of others and pay it forward.

The Productivity Pyramid is a powerful concept as well. I love the idea that we have “1020 productivity points” each day. Our time is a gift, one that we often take for granted and squander away. I am reminded of this every time I admire a productive person and wonder how they accomplish so much.

Great life lessons in the reading today! I am excited to implement many of them.

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