Week 3 – Ethics

The readings this week (and the videos) began to give some very specific things that a  entrepreneur can do to be successful. I loved James Ritchie’s experience with Elder Haight and the way that he was able to come up with The Formula. I am a list girl and I love to have things written out so plainly.

I have learned this summer more than ever how important it is to arise early. I have committed to be to work by 7am each day. This means that I have to get up about 5:30 am in order to leave for work by 6:3o am. I am amazed at how productive those early morning hours are. I have come to cherish my early morning hours in the office and I do feel I have been blessed for doing so.

I am learning how important integrity is in business. My husband is a wonderful example of this. I think the most profound principle that I learned this week was found in “The Ministry of Business”. Hitz teaches that we must trust ourselves first and that trust comes through repeated individual victories. I have never considered that my level of success correlates with how much I trust myself. I really believe this to be true.

I am learning to trust that I am capable of being a great performer professionally. I would like to implement this principle in my personal goals-I often doubt my ability to accomplish the things that I set out to do. I can begin to do this by celebrating personal victories.

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