B 183 Week 9

In my B 211 Business Fundementals course I had the opportunity to read “Good to Great”. I was pleasantly surprised by the findings of Jim Collin’s ten year study of successful businesses. It reaffirmed my personal belief that the good guy really does come out on top. Most surprising to me was the most successful… Read More B 183 Week 9

B 183 Week 8

Adversity. Trials. Loss. Difficulty. All are a natural part of life and entrepreneurship. This morning I googled “Taylor Richards” after watching his video in this lesson to find out more about him. A Deseret News article popped up about a young father with the same name. This man had overcome a serious addiction to alcohol… Read More B 183 Week 8

B 183 Week 6

Some of this week’s readings were a bit difficult to stay focused on but each had some very interesting principles. I enjoyed “The Entrepreneur and the Family”. It was short and to the point but very inspiring and insightful. I have such respect for successful people who are disciplined enough to create and maintain family… Read More B 183 Week 6

B183 Week 5

For this week’s post I decided to share my notes of my personal highlights from the readings and videos. Elder Faust: “I draw from his experience some of the things you can learn that would bring opportunities and blessings to you: How to organize and use time wisely The importance of hard work—that you reap… Read More B183 Week 5