Expert Session – Gabe

I chose to watch Gabe’s expert session because of his affiliation with HireVue and also his knowledge of LinkedIn. In my position at BYU-Idaho I use LinkedIn extensively to contact potential applicants. Once we get an application we offer that person a HireVue interview, they are awesome and very effective for us.

I feel like I can always learn more about LinkedIn, it is an invaluable recruiting resource. I learned a few things by listening to this session.

  • While creating a professional profile, be sure to use words in your title that you would search your company or position by. Utilize search engine optimization.
  • It is important to be professional. I disagree with Gabe’s lack of professionalism. I think it is very unprofessional to wear a hat backwards and to use some of the words that he did during his presentation. If you want to be taken seriously and have professional clout, then act like it. First impression matter!
  • It is important to link a website. I will add my recruiting site to my profile.
  • To avoid being a nusense to my contacts, I need to only publish profile updates when I get a new job.
  • Keep in mind that anytime you post you are building your online reputation. Only post about your company or product 20% of the time.
  • I need to share almost daily, especially on Twitter, to gain exposure and influence.
  • LinkedIn paid versions may be beneficial for what I need.

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