Expert Session – Chris Dessi

The title of this session drew me in immediately. Chris has such great experience and was a powerful presenter! He helped me understand some great things.

  • The Internet is still in it’s infancy, the potential is limitless with online personal marketing.
  • Be a recruiter that seeks to place applicants in the position that is best for them and our students.
  • Utilize your original online content to open doors and promote yourself. It is unique and can help you stand out with content not just stats (GPA etc.)
  • “Don’t just think about what you can get…think about what you can giv to the world”.
  • “If you don’t tell people what you’re good at, who will? Write your truth.”
  • You need to document your interests and work in order to have content for posting and responding. Build your library.
  • Your content is your legacy.
  • Comment, like, and be supportive of the online community. Be a giver, be a thought leader.
  • Install Audible – listen to books. All. The. Time.
  • Use the Hemmingway app to grade content to be sure it is good and stays at the correct reading level.
  • Take care of yourself so that you will have the energy and motivation to contribute to the online community in a healthy, positive way.

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