Children are Individuals

If there is one thing that I have learned about parenting it’s that children are individuals with strong inborn identities. I used to think that children came to their parents ready to be molded and formed like a soft piece of clay. Boy was I wrong!

When my first child was born, I was sure her favorite color should be pink. She chose purple.  I wanted her to become a ballerina. She chose volleyball. I was sure she would be a violinist. She chose piano, voice, guitar and several other instruments.

In each instance, we battled for a time but in the end she won out. I am so grateful she was strong enough to express her desires. The young woman she has become is so much better than the young woman I had imagined She would become when she was born.

A few weeks ago, she graduated from high school. During the festivities of graduation week she had the opportunity to perform an original song she wrote for her classmates. I had a good mom moment that day because I actually remembered to record it!

My thoughts are easily applied to our children but I think they should also be applied to life. We often form idealistic plans for our lives. We might struggle and fight to make those things happen on our own. But if we will allow the Lord to be in control the end result will be so much greater than we ever imagined!


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